Population: 891

400 years ago, a merchant’s son armed only with a dagger stood in a shallow spot in the Delimbiyr River and fought off a lizardfolk raiding party, slaying six before his family and the rest of the caravan arrived to drive the lizardfolk off an retake the ford. Now the proud community of Daggerford, a walled settlement of nearly forty small stone buildings and a small castle sits on the nouth shore of the ford, keeping it clear for caravans and travelers moving along the Trade Way or headed east toward Secomber and Loudwater.

Pwyll Greathshout presently styles himself as the duke of Daggerford. He is served by a small militia, supplemented by hired adventurers who patrol the local farms and hamlets. Thanks to the constant traffic along the Trade Way, Daggerford has more than its normal share of shrines, temples, and powerful priests, including full temples to Chauntea, Lathander, Shaundakul, Tempus, and Tymora.

Daggerford operates in Waterdeep‘s long shadow. In Waterdeep, the expression “gone to Daggerford” is taken to mean “lying low outside the city” daggerford occasionally flirts with plans to expand its harbor and secure a portion of Waterdeep’s trade for itself. This plan is popular with the town’s Council of Guilds, and organization whose members go masked like the lord of Waterdeep (but lacks the magical protections that keep their identities secret from determined magicians).


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